Monday, March 31, 2014

Oil Free Braised Greens Recipe

There are many iterations of plant based diets. Many of them fall on one of two extremes: lots of oils vs. no added oils. I try to limit how much oil I add to my foods but embrace foods that have fat like nuts, seeds, avocado and olives. I've developed a great way to cook greens without added oil AND with tons of flavor.

Oil Free Braised Greens Recipe
1 bunch greens (Swiss chard is my favorite)
1 small onion
1 lemon
Spices (salt, pepper, garlic & harissa are my preferences)

Prep your ingredients. Slice the onion in thin strips. Halve your lemon. Cut the Swiss chard stems off about half way up the stalk. Slice the rest of the chard (including stems) in thin ribbons and wash in a colander. 

Warm your pan (non-stick if you have it) on medium heat. When you can feel warmth in the pan throw in the onions in a single layer (top left). Let them sit for a few minutes, then squeeze your lemon over top. Stir the onion and scrape any brown bits from the pan. When your onions look like the right picture, add your sliced chard. 

Add half your chard on top of the onions and then top with your spices. Your chard will likely still be wet from washing, if not, add a splash of water. Stir in the chard with the onions until it wilts. Add the second half and repeat. These get better as they cook. Cook for at least 5 more minutes after all the chard has wilted.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I just hopped over from Healthy Vegan Fridays! I was drawn here by your delicious recipe for oil-free braised greens. I looks so healthy and yummy! I love making healthy pots of greens--from kale to collards to spinach--I have to have my greens each day. I don't cook with chard very often so I am happy to find this recipe. I am going to give it a try! . So glad to discover your blog. All the best, Deborah

  2. I love braised greens - and oil-free is even better! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Deborah! This method works well with any type of greens but you should definitely give chard a try!