Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Interval Workout

In late Spring, the big news in the fitness community was the science backed “7 Minute Workout” – a set of 12 exercises meant to be done for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest in between. The research showed that doing these 12 body-weight exercises would give you an effective and efficient full body workout. I began using this workout right away. We had just moved, and I hadn't signed up for a gym membership. I was looking for something that would get my heart rate up but still strengthen my  muscles.
I followed this program pretty closely at first, although I would do two and then three sets at a time to get a proper workout. Now that I am focusing more on running I have been doing less strength workouts, but I still like the format of this one. I've slowly been adapting it to better reflect my needs (quads! and still working on tightening the leftover arm skin from losing lots of weight). I adapted it again yesterday, and did the workout this morning after a mile run for warm up. I use the app IntervalTimer to time my intervals. Each exercise is performed for the full 30 seconds, either as many reps as possible or static hold for the 30 seconds (plank ,etc.).

A couple points of clarification:

Side planks – 30 seconds per side, I usually do one set on my forearm and one on my hand with 10 leg lifts while in the plank

Laterals – I use this to refer to a shoulder exercise where I lift dumbbells first in front, then to the side, then to the side with my pinky fingers aimed toward the ceiling

Step ups – I wasn't able to do these this morning (nothing to step up on!), I subbed with a mix of squat jumps and tuck jumps

Ball – this refers to bridge position hamstring curls using an exercise ball

DD to UP – down dog to up dog, I put this last because I do them slowly and usually for more than 30 seconds

The rest should make sense, if not send me an email or a comment. Enjoy!

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