Saturday, December 21, 2013

Foodie Catch Up

I was reading in bed Wednesday night and realized that I had completely forgotten my usual What I Ate Wednesday post! Things have been crazy this week so I am just now able to catch up on food pictures. I am heading to my parent's house in the Albany, NY area on Monday, but I hope to get in at least one more post before Christmas!

Our library has a fantastic collection of vegan e-cookbooks. I found this recipe for Lemony Lentil Vegetable Soup in the book Undiet

Last Friday we had errands to run in the evening & went to Cantina Laredo for dinner. I had an amazing holiday spice margarita and veg fajitas 

Lunch at one of our faves Infusion Tea. Half salad and bowl of tempeh chili. 

Sauteed broccoli, mushrooms, onions & tomatoes served on quinoa, topped with fresh pepper, black olives & vegan parm. 

Last weekend I roasted my own beets - nothing like it!

One of my all time favorite dishes - raw pasta with hummus

Too cute - my co-worker gave me jicama instead of cookies!

Enjoyed the beets on a salad with homemade portabella leek rice soup.

Hands down best dinner this week! Roasted chickpeas, cauliflower  & carrot on a bed of greens and massaged kale. Topped with peppers, tahini dressing and smoked paprika.

Taco salad topped with nutritional yeast

Date night on Thursday - dinner at Lac Viet Bistro. Dessert at Drunken Monkey.

Date night continued - Tegan & Sara concert! They have been my favorite band since 2000 and I love seeing them live. 

Carly flew to St. Maarten this morning so we had dinner out at one of our favorites, Izziban Sushi. Oshinko and a veggie roll. 

Today's lunch. Leftovers from Izziban on a salad (I also got a dish of tofu and veg in broth which I saved most of). 

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