Sunday, September 15, 2013

My New Obsession

I've got a new favorite thing – podcasts! I’m almost ashamed as an academic librarian to admit that I haven’t bothered with podcasts until now. I listened to my first podcast just before we moved in late April. It was a No Meat Athlete interview with Leo Barbuto from Zen Habits. I follow No Meat Athlete in my Feedly and found out about the podcast through a post. I enjoyed that enough to want to explore more podcasts.
I still am firmly in the novice camp and welcome suggestions from more experienced podcast users. I use the podcasts app from Apple on my iPhone and have only downloaded podcasts through their store so far. The first podcast I subscribed to was No Meat Athlete, but I quickly subscribed to several music podcasts to listen to when I run. I was getting bored with my playlists on my phone and didn't want to use data to stream from some of my other favorite sites/apps (Soundcloud & Songza) while I was out. I love that you can download podcasts to your phone or stream them!

Now I listen to 1-2 podcasts during each run. I did that for a few months and then would listen to a No Meat Athlete when they downloaded (not very frequent). I recently read Rich Roll’s “Finding Ultra” and saw that he had an interview-style podcast as well. I've LOVED some of the episodes I've listened to so far, especially the Mac Danzig interview. I used to listen to 10-15 minutes of each podcast during lunch but now I’m so hooked that I play them in my car instead of music on my way to and from work. I’m starting to explore more and downloaded an interview with Jenn Shelton from Ultra Runner Podcast that I’ll listen to tomorrow. I also downloaded some new podcasts on vegan eating and meditation. I've found them to be very informative and inspiring so far, and great soundtracks for running and commuting!

Here’s my favorite running podcasts:
Morgan Page
Tiesto’s Club Life
Dirty South

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