Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Several years of blog reading have introduced me to the food blogging phenomenon known as “What I Ate Wednesday”. I see a lot of variation in how people choose to do this. Some post random food shots over a period of time, some post their previous Wednesday, and some post photos of a complete day that may not be Wednesday.

I’m going to give it a shot with what I ate, am eating (it’s dinner time!) and plan to eat today. Today is a weird day for me because I usually work a pretty regular 8ish to 5ish day, but I am at work late tonight to teach a class at 8PM. Therefore, I ate breakfast at home and dinner/dessert at work.

Breakfast at home is always a treat because I get to make a fresh smoothie:

I have been eating 1 oz portions of this most days for a mid-morning snack:

Lunch was one of my go-to’s: last night’s taco dinner on a salad:

Dinner is also leftovers of veggie bean soup and raw veg/buckwheat noodles:

Dessert is usually 1/3 C of rolled oats cooked in water with cinnamon and some variation of protein powder/pb2/nut butter and fresh berries. But tonight will be one of these mobile treats:

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