Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can’t Do It Better

I follow a lot of blogs and use other tools/apps to curate content from the web. In my work life I use this extensively to keep track of trends, educate myself, get ideas, and inspire myself. I often write blog posts in response to other blogs or articles and find this reflection to be enormously valuable. My goal is to increase posting to this blog but life/work have been a bit insane the last few weeks. I think I’d like to routinely post a blog titled “Can’t Do It Better” where I share some of my health and fitness related finds over each week. Here’s the first installment, if you like them please follow these blogs and websites!

Lifehacker is an amazing website that provides information on improving your life in myriad respects. They often have health and fitness resources like this one. The list is tricks is great, and the beginning of the article discusses some of the foundational principles of food and diet such as satiety and the glycemic index.

Greatist is a site that also has a daily email that I get. Their About section says it all “Greatist.com is the trusted health & fitness source for the young, savvy, and social. Health and fitness is hard. We want to make it easier. And for starters, we think you deserve better content than what's out there now. Every fact is cited by a PubMed study, every story meticulously verified, and expert approved.” Hopefully this list will inspire you to start exercising, continue exercising or bring your exercising to the next level!

No Meat Athlete is one of my absolute favorite blogs, and it’s the one I clung to like a crutch when I was researching vegetarian diets for athletes. Matt (and guest bloggers) always does a great job of examining an issue in plain language with references to other material. This article talks about B12, which is often the sticking point in arguments about plant based diets. It’s a must read because it goes well beyond that and examines diets, habits, and health in general.

Kath Eats Real Food is one of the more popular food blogs, and she is certainly not a plant based eater! That being said, she is a registered dietician and knows her stuff when it comes to food. This article is a short and beautiful discussion on the importance of eating real food, and the health benefits of eating as much unprocessed food as possible.

Until recently, Healthy Eater was called Diet-Blog.com so you may have been familiar with that. Again, it’s not a plant based diet resource but often has great short articles like this one. Simplicity is good, especially when making life changes, and this list is short and sweet!

12 Minute Athlete is a new entry on my RSS feeds and she is hardcore with her workouts! She is a good inspiration for those looking to push to the next level, and most of her posts are visually appealing representations of her workouts. This post is exactly the type of list I would make if someone asked me about how my life has changed from a journey to be healthy to being a consistently healthy person.

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