Friday, June 8, 2012

A typical breakfast

Anyone who has lost significant weight will tell you that having food routines is a necessity. Eating the same or similar foods at the same time each day makes life easier. Here's a typical breakfast for me. Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, a tablespoon of Trader Joes almond butter and a banana. Most days I have some type of complex carb with almond or peanut butter and a banana. On the weekend I'll mix it up, but this combo works well for me.


  1. I find it very necessary to have food routines. I like not having to worry about what I am going to eat for breakfast or lunch. I usually have to worry about 2 other people at least. So it is nice and comforting to know what I will eat and I will not make a mistake in food choice because I am too hungry. Great job!! I can relate to a lot of what you write. =)


  2. Dori,

    I can't imagine having to cook for 2 kids on top of what I'm already doing for me! Having routines definitely makes it easier. I'm glad you're reading and hope we can get together again soon (maybe for a workout?).