Thursday, June 7, 2012

Girl in Half

The easiest place to start is at the beginning. For this post that’s the title, which is also the title of the blog. I’ve been considering writing this blog for quite some time. I was encouraged recently by a friend on Facebook who asked for a recipe for a photo I’d posted. She told me that if I wrote a food blog to let her know and she’s follow. Ever since then I’ve been thinking of blog names and working out my vision for what an engaging, readable, and relevant blog would be. I keep a blog for my professional development as a librarian and I quite like the catharsis and mental processing time I gain from that endeavor. One of the most important things to me after my work is my health, and I’ve decided to blog about it.

Girl in Half refers to the fact that I’m literally half the girl (woman really, but girl rolls of the tongue better) I used to be. When I was 21 I weighed around 320 pounds. Today at age 27 I weigh around 155 pounds. I wanted to use the blog name Former Fat Girl but it was taken. Then I realized that losing half of my body weight is a better accomplishment than just being formerly fat.

On a blog like this I know people expect the obligatory before and after pictures. I’m working on it, so be patient!

My goal for this blog is to talk about my journey as a whole while focusing on where I am today with my lifestyle. I read a lot of blogs, take a lot of food pictures, and do a lot of research on healthy living. I intend to make this a place for me to collect that information and reflect on it. Thank you to everyone who has stumbled here and is willing to read along as I go.


  1. I look forward to reading more! Wow - the things I learn . . .

  2. I think you have a new follower.....:o) Thanks Carrie.

  3. Thanks to you both!

    Julia, you definitely helped give me a push toward starting...I appreciate it!