Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girl in Pictures

I thought my next post should be pictures, so I've just spent (wasted?) an hour making this collage of my evolution. It was hard to find shots of me where I wasn't hiding my body behind family, friends, and other objects. It was even hard to find that in my "skinny" shots. That's one thing I think about quite a bit, how I still have the fat girl mentality. As an overweight woman I learned how to hide myself with clothes and to make decisions based on size. I still catch myself avoiding narrow gaps when walking even though now I have no problem fitting through. I read an interesting article recently about how people's perceptions change if they are informed that a person was once obese. I could really relate and I'm always hesitant to discuss my weight loss with people, until now :)

Thanks to PicMonkey for the collage making tool!


  1. I saw your before/after on Huffington Post earlier and WOW. You were beautiful before, but nothing compares to the radiant smile and attitude you have in your "after" pictures; You look so healthy and happy, it's truly inspirational. I can really see how happy you are to be living the life you want. Good luck, and wish me luck on my own fitness journey! ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I do feel so much better now, not just physically but mentally as well. Good luck on your journey and please keep in touch for support or advice!