Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Taking food photos and posting them every week has become ingrained. I enjoy the habit because I love photography and food, but it also helps me identify patterns in my taste/preferences. I am currently on an South Indian kick - I am craving dosas! I'm also learning how to cook for one person and figure out which foods I won't get sick of eating repeatedly. Here's this week's bounty.

New meal for me and it came out great! It's sauteed peppers, onions, peas and shredded kale/cabbage/brussels sprouts mix with Asian flavors. Topped with fresh bean sprouts. Making it again this week!

Blurry proof of my first run back. It went well at the time, but my foot protested a little too much. I am hoping to try again tomorrow. 

Gluten free mega veggie pizza with tempeh from Mellow Mushroom. It was excellent, but a little pricey. 

DOSA! I love these things. If you've never seen/had one, it's basically a lentil flour based crepe with a small pile of spicy potatoes in the middle. You tear off the pieces from the side and scoop  up the filling. Amazing! This one was from Bombay Cafe

My roommate's birthday was this week and he wanted to go to Kings Bowl for his celebration. They had some surprisingly good food - hummus duo with veg, mango salsa & guacamole, and a strawberry salad with no cheese/dressing. All fresh and delicious!

Random collection of favorites: oil free braised chard, roasted brussels sprouts, kale chips, and sweet potato topped with almond butter.

I saw a deal on Facebook to try this Graze box for $1. Best dollar I've ever spent! You set up your preferences on their site and they mail you four snacks. I got a seed blend, chili lime pistachios, a tropical dried fruit blend, and an edamame snack mix. 

I think this is my favorite meal ever. Rawsta with hummus and chickpeas. 

I think life works better when I have half a bottle of kombucha a day! When I get back from my crazy month of traveling I'm going to attempt to start making my own. 
Took myself to the beach this weekend. There's nothing better than spending time in nature!


  1. I've been wanting to get Graze for Eric and this post finally did me in. :)

    1. Awesome! I got the email that said Eric H signed up and I didn't put it together until now, haha.