Friday, May 16, 2014

In Other Words

There’s been a lot of great content floating around on the Internet lately so this post is a bit longer than some of the others.

Does Your Fitness Regimen Pass The Test? Why You Need To Be Able To Answer Yes! To This One Question
The first of two Nia Shanks posts on my list. I love her no BS approach to health and wellness. This post is short and sweet – she talks about the main criteria of a fitness plan, and I will leave it a surprise for you to go read!

The Best Sources of Vegan Protein
I feel like I need to post something about veg protein sources every now and then so my family knows I will not die eating only plants! This article is really comprehensive and I love that it goes beyond tofu and beans in its list of sources.

How to Fit Exercise into Your Routine—No Matter How Busy You Are
Hopefully you read the Nia Shanks post already, but this is kind of on the same theme. It’s easy to say/think “I’m too busy for…” but we have a lot more time in our day than we realize. I like to use my time to move my body!

Back to the Basics: the Urgent/Important Matrix
ProfHacker is a great blog series for anyone interested in higher education. This post talks about the Urgent/Important matrix from the 7 Habits plan. It’s a great way to look at the big picture of your life, personally or professionally, and make decisions based on what really matters.

Honest Health and Fitness Advertising
Kat Whitfield is another blogger I love for her straightforward approach and critique of the health and fitness industry. This post is amusing and scary at the same time – she rewrites real headlines to reflect a more honest interpretation of the article. This is a must read. 

Let Go: How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Caused By Health And Fitness (And Why Doing So Can Help You Achieve Better Results)
Here is the second Nia Shanks post, and one that I sorely needed to read. I've written recently about my struggle with being too rigid with my health choices, and I realize now that I was desperately trying to control something in my life. I’m healing physically/emotionally every day and finding it easier to relax. My favorite line from this post “What is the absolute worst thing that could happen if I eat (and enjoy!) a PB and J?”

Safe to eat? Common ingredients banned in other countries, but OK here
I typically don’t trust the major news media to report on health and fitness in an accurate and non-salacious way, but I had to share this. It blows my mind that the food industry in the US is still so dedicated to feeding us foods and additives that are harmful to our health. This is why I advocate eating whole, real foods regardless of your dietary preferences!

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