Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I am still dealing with foot pain when I run. It still sucks and I really miss my outdoor activity time. I'm still eating pretty food though - so here are the highlights from the week.

This dish was inspired by an Instagram post. There's chipotle lime kale salad, cilantro lime chickpeas, quinoa with cranberries, and of course fresh veg.

Mediterranean goodies: grape leaves, falafel w/baba ganoush, lentil soup plus a giant salad with lemony artichoke kale. 

Friday nights are almost always big salad bowls - this week I mixed it up with purple sweet potato wedges. They were delicious - starchier than a normal sweet potato but with the same flavor. 

Saturday was national margarita day so we indulged in a Mexican dinner. I had fajitas, which were so so. 

Cabbage rolls stuffed with quinoa and mushrooms, topped with a spicy tomato sauce. Roasted cauliflower and fresh veg on the side. This was great & I had it for lunch the next two days!

Roasted tomatillo and black bean soup with hominy. Please make this soup!! 

Missed my rawsta! This one is mixed with spicy and regular hummus, topped with cooked broccoli, onions & mushrooms. There's a huge bed of baby greens underneath too. 

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