Sunday, February 9, 2014

Small Step Sunday

Drastic changes make for drastic relapses. Restrictive diet plans don’t work in the long term because they’re not sustainable. It’s easier and more realistic to make small changes, one at a time, and make them part of your life. It’s also easier to feel like you’re adding something rather than taking something away. In this vein, I've decided to start posting semi-regular suggestions on Sunday that are small steps you can take toward a healthy lifestyle.

This week’s tip: buy a fruit or vegetable you've never tried before the next time you go shopping.

Many of us are trained to seek the most common fruit and veggies that we grew up with. There was a scene recently on one of my very favorite shows “Parks and Recreation” that made me think about this:

When you’re picking out the new item don’t be afraid to ask someone else buying it about how they prepare it. If you don’t see anyone nearby, look it up online when you get home. I can guarantee you will be able to find recipes and even step by step guides for how to prepare any produce on the planet. I recently bought a cactus pear for the first time and found a video online that showed how to peel it and what parts to eat.
I love this idea because it’s fun, it could add something that you really enjoy to your life, and will make you more adventurous with your future food choices. I suggest starting with one of my two more exotic favorites: jicama or plantains.

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