Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

This has been a great food week, I'm excited to share!

Warm lentil beet & artichoke salad on greens. Recipe for the salad found here

Amazing new recipe for buckwheat zucchini cakes, we used this recipe ( but next time will add fresh raw corn. Served them with salsa, black bean dip, steamed broccoli & veggies/greens

Always love my rawsta, this time mixed with hummus and served with roasted acorn squash

We had to go out to a restaurant to watch the Ravens on Sunday and I got this black bean chopped salad, but I added my own nutritional yeast :)

Homemade hearty  miso soup. I'll post the recipe soon.

Potluck salad: greens, sweet & sour red cabbage, pasta/lentil blend salad, beets & chopped pears

Every week I made an "Elvis" smoothie with bananas and peanut butter. This shot is from my desk at work.

Pretty much my favorite dinner and it's super simple. Lentils, roasted sweet potato and steamed broccoli. Served on greens with peppers and beets, plus one bonus roasted plantain!

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