Friday, October 25, 2013

25 Things I'm Grateful For

I just started subscribing to Fit Bottomed Girls and today there was a post called “Burpees and 25 Other Things I’m Grateful For”. Gratitude is something that needs cultivation. It’s easy to take things for granted and to focus on what irks, ails, frustrates, depresses us rather than the things that fill us with a sense of warmth, happiness, and gratitude. I know many of us do an exercise like this near Thanksgiving, but I think a more regular practice could reap huge mental benefits. I know I focus a lot on physical health on this blog, but mental/spiritual health is equally important. That said, here’s my list of things I’m grateful for:

1. I’m healthy enough to have run 73 miles by the end of the month
2. My sweet beagle
3. Palm trees out almost every window
4. The Central Florida Veg Fest and Jessie Ware concert I’m attending tomorrow
5. New friends
6. The rad Asics pants and shoes I can start wearing now that the weather is cooler
7. Delicata squash
8. Co-workers that are a pleasure to be around
9. Podcasts
10. A good book
11. A partner who still makes me laugh after 11 years
12. Hoodies
13. The Hype Machine
14. Compression socks
15. 14 amazing cousins (Mara, Kirsten, Caitlin, Jennifer, Amy, Lisa, Michael, Tucker, Tyler, Christine, Janee, Kylee, Aimee, and Christopher) and their spouses/children
16. The ocean
17. Roasted plantains
18. Safe drinking water
19. Parents who love and support me unconditionally
20. Foam rolling
21. Road trips
22. My bike
23. Shooting stars
24. Vitacost
25. Feedly


  1. This is fantastic! And I wish I'd known about Veg Fest -- I'm a couple of hours away and definitely could've planned a trip down there. Thanks for reading Fit Bottomed Girls!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I had the same experience last weekend where I found out about the Tampa Veg Fest too late to plan a trip. I don't know which direction you are in but there's another one in Jacksonville on 11/9 (