Sunday, July 1, 2012

Social Saturday

Saturday was an interesting day. I recommend that anyone trying to keep an eye on food intake makes Saturday a relaxed food day! We got up early (aka our normal weekly time) to get to the farmers market when it opened at 7. We then had to meet with a woman we met who is running this awesome program that gives fresh local produce from a community garden to people who walk on a track to earn food credits. She was running late so we ate breakfast at Waffle house. I got a peanut butter waffle and didn't realize that meant they put peanut butter chips (candy) in the batter. I ordered 2 egg whites when I saw that because I knew the chips were useless in terms of nutrition/protein.

Lunch was a spinach wrap filled with the mornings bounty and things from the fridge: green tomato, green pepper, carrots, radish, baby spinach, black bean dip and feta. Had some blackberries, a few chips, and a vegan lemon cookie on the side.

Dinner was a 4th of July party thrown by a co-worker. It was a lot of fun but a big challenge in terms of food. The burgers/dogs (I brought veggie dogs) weren't served until 8pm so I ate more snack type food than I intended. For dinner I ate two veggie dogs, baked beans, red cabbage that we made, and another cabbage slaw. I had small bites of banana pudding and cake for dessert. Snacks for the day were a Luna bar, chips and salsa, cheese, watermelon and a few cheese and tomato pinwheels.

Since I knew we were going to the party I did a Jillian Michaels workout in the late afternoon. I love her Ripped in 30 DVD because the workouts are interval style and not repetitive (although at this point I almost have them memorized!).

I suppose I took a day off from learning yesterday. I'm not reading any food books and didn't pay much attention to blogs yesterday.

I'm really excited to get in touch with the woman who is doing the garden. Right now people can come walk for produce on Monday and Friday morning so I'd like to find a night during the week where we can run the program and give people more options to earn food. I'm so inspired by the idea and I hope now to see it in action.

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