Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I Wrote Wednesday

Trying something new today. I've written a bit about my struggle with healthy eating and being too obsessive, and I wrote a poem about it recently. If you want food pics, check out Instagram.

Pound of Flesh
I write about love but I
haven't yet told of my
longest lasting love affair.

I don't know what to call it.
Food, flavor, gustatory delight,
always chasing the next mouthful.

I wonder if I'm wired wrong.
Every emotion leads to
Pavlovian drooling for the
brief explosion of taste
that will enhance my pleasure,
mitigate my anger,
soothe my sadness,
quell my fears.

Emotions fade but
homeostasis breeds
and even more unyielding
desire to chase the
next morsel of distraction.

I make rules so that I can
feed the hungry ghost
without the consequence of
a pound of flesh.

Rules are easy to follow
but the making is hard to quit.
Will there ever be a day
where I can relax?
Where my brain doesn't sort
every bite into a pattern
or a nutrient.

The junkie that can’t
avoid her vice
is doomed to a life
of control.

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