Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I'm not feeling wordy this morning but I do enjoy reviewing and sharing my food experiences from the week. I hope you do as well!

One of my favorite easy meals: bean tostadas topped with cilantro lime lettuce and avocado.

Fruity pancakes

I like having one pack of veggie burgers on hand at all times for quick meals. This is a salad with a Gardenburger and roasted sweet potato.

Lunch in Cocoa, FL at the adorable So Good Cottage Cafe. This salad was fantastic! It's a peanut curry sauce with brown rice.  

Asparagus & edamame salad. Dressing was avocado, miso, lime and rice vinegar. 

Left: dinner portion of salad with salsa, sprouted lentils, sauteed mushrooms & onions, and roasted cauliflower. Right: lunch portion the next day (cauliflower was on the side!)

Kabooki Sushi: this moriawase plate was so pretty I had to share again!

One of my new favorite combos: black bean soup with a side of nooch grits.

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