Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday - St. Pete Travels Edition

This week has a lot of photos because I spent a long weekend in the St. Petersburg area. I was supposed to run my second half marathon at Ft. DeSoto park on Sunday, but my foot is still injured and I couldn't run. We'd already paid a deposit on the hotel and taken Monday off work, so we decided to go for a long weekend getaway instead. I'm seeing another foot doctor on Monday so hopefully they will give me more guidance on how to get this thing healed! 

Southern style meal: braised collards, BBQ beans and sweet potato fries. 

This was a last minute lunch idea: hummus and raw veg wrapped in rice paper. It was delicious but I made them the night before and they didn't hold up as well because of the hummus. 

Roasted pear and lentil salad.

Top is an arepa (corn cake) topped with smashed black beans, sauteed mushrooms, onions & zucchini and roasted poblano pepper strips. Bottom is that topped with cilantro lime lettuce, fresh peppers and guacamole.

Our first meal of our vacation: Mangia Gourmet in Gulfport. I had the white bean zucchini vegan burger plate that came with lentil salad, orange slaw and quinoa. I also got a kale, ginger, beet & apple juice. I highly recommend this place! They had tons of gluten free options and meat too - great spot for plant based and omnis to co-exist.

Dinner at Alesia Restaurant in St. Pete. It's a Vietnamese/French fusion place. The veg options are limited but delicious. I got summer rolls and baby bok choy with mushrooms and tofu. Both were excellent. 

We had a fridge and some kitchenware in our hotel so we brought our own breakfasts. I'm so used to smoothies every day - cereal was a nice treat!

Action shot: playing mini golf!

Top photo is the spinach salad with grilled tofu from Red Mesa Cantina. Bottom is the cauliflower and falafel apps from Meze 119. Both are in downtown St. Pete. Meze 119 is totally veg and the food was fantastic! 

Lunch in Tampa on the way home at Bamboozle Cafe. The best way to describe this place is a Vietnamese Chipotle. They had a bar with all the ingredients and you could customize your own summer rolls, lettuce wraps (pictured), pho, banh mi, salads and bun. They had tons of sauces to add and everything was clearly labeled if it was vegan or not. These were amazing and you should definitely check it out if you're in Tampa! 

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