Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My First Podcast Interview + WIAW

Before I get into the food pictures from this week I want to say hello to anyone who found their way here from the Fitness Motivation podcast!

For my regular readers I am thrilled to share that my interview with Thomas from the Fitness Motivation Podcast is live today! You can find it at this link, or on iTunes. I loved doing the podcast but did not love listening to myself! I need to work on my ums and uhs :)

Onto the food!

Pretty much my favorite meal lately, lentil stuffed acorn squash

My monster sushi bowl. Greens topped with brown rice, sauteed mushrooms & broccoli, edamame, raw veg, seaweed flakes and sriracha. 

We took a beach trip on Saturday. We kayaked in the morning then drove to Cocoa Beach. Lunch was the quinoa bowl from Tiny Turtle and a blueberry acai smoothie from Surfinista Cafe.

Couldn't resist sharing a pic of this beautiful organic kale!

That kale went into this bowl of disparate delicious things. Kale sauteed with lemon, onions and roasted garlic. Mashed celery root with baba ganoush. Fresh carrots and peppers. Roasted beets and Brussels. 

On Sunday some of my colleagues and I met for brunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen. I started healthy with black bean soup, grits and a spinach salad. I ended decadently with a vegan sundae!

Another staple of my diet: Bun Salad. Check out that bean sprout-y goodness!

Mexican veggie & bean bake on greens topped with fresh avocado. 

Bed of greens. Spaghetti squash. Broccoli, tomato, zucchini and onion. Olives, bell pepper and roasted garlic. Nooch. Harissa.

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