Monday, February 3, 2014

In Other Words

What are Americans eating?
I've featured articles from Marion Nestle before. If you have any interest in food (which you probably do if you read this blog) you should read her blog and her books. This one is a simple comparison of what American’s buy at the grocery store compared to the recommendations for healthy eating. This reminds me how important it is to share my love of veggies with the world!

Prison Gardens Help Inmates Grow Their Own Food — And Skills 
Several podcasts and blogs I consume have recently shared stories of the American prison system. The US has more prisoners than any other country in terms of total number and per capita, and many of those prisoners have no access to rehabilitation programs. This article details initiatives to have prisoners grow their own food. I love programs like this – they are rehabilitative, reduce costs to tax payers, and educate everyone involved on how to be more sustainable.

How To Make Healthier Food Choices (No Drastic Changes Required!)
I am firmly anti-diet and I know from personal experience that drastic changes in any area of life aren't sustainable, and this is especially true for food choices as we make them regularly throughout each day. There is a great graphic in this article that shows how to move toward healthier choices in your cooking, sweeteners, spices & flavorings, grains and dairy.

Healthy Fats Don’t Make You Fat
We are woefully misinformed about our macronutrients. This is a great guest post featured on Herbivore Triathlete that discusses the different types of fats with their benefits/harmful effects on the body plus examples of each type and a discussion of how this information fits into a healthy diet.

Do You Know How To Suffer? 
A Life Less Bullshit is my new favorite blog. I heard Nicole on the No Meat Athlete podcast and I love her approach to life, health, and challenges. This article discusses the usefulness of suffering and how we can use it to learn about ourselves. This reminds me of my half marathon when I got a side stitch at mile 6 and had to embrace the suffering as my reality in order to finish my race.

15 Ways To Improve Your Health In 15 Minutes
I feel like this wouldn't be complete without a great list! These really are quite easy changes to implement and cover everything from food to health to volunteering. Improving your overall wellness doesn't have to happen in giant leaps – small steps are easier and more rewarding!

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