Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIAW and a Workout

This is a light week for food pictures, I've been eating lots of leftovers! I also wanted to share a new workout I tried this morning.

Roasted sweet potatoes might be my favorite food! Served with a broccoli, lentil tomato sauce on top of baby spinach.

Quinoa salad with green tomato and peppers, sides of hummus and roasted golden beets.

Bun salad! You can tell this is Carly's plate because it has craploads of cilantro on it. 

Hot sauce line up at Tijuana Flats. The bottom is ghost chiles! 

Beans and rice bowl at Tijuana Flats - topped with their red enchilada sauce. 

Moroccan inspired chickpea stew with carrots, sweet potatoes, green olives, artichokes and currants. Served on greens with roasted butternut squash.

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