Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Eats

I know it’s Monday but I want to share my holiday eats that haven’t yet made it to the blog. I did my best to eat the way I know works best for my body, but I did indulge on some relatively healthy vegan cookies and spiced nuts!

I did my best to make delicious vegan food for my carnivorous parents. This is my version of PPK's Butternut Rancheros.

My version of these cookies: delicious!! 
More below!

Second parent's dinner: Swedish yellow pea soup, golden beet salad.

My  nightly dessert in NY: pumpkin bar and fresh fruit

Christmas morning breakfast: KERF's pumpkin oatmeal bake (veganized) with fruit, nut butter & almond milk. 

A tradition from Carly's family...mimosas!

Christmas selfie in the Yul Tomte hat

My Christmas dinner: chopped veggie bake, mashed sweet potatoes & roasted Brussels sprouts.

My favorite shot from Christmas.
The day after Christmas we had my extended family over for dinner. This is Panera catering: Mediterranean Veggie sandwich, black bean soup & homemade salad

Last vegan dinner for the parents: roasted cauliflower topped with red lentil curry, side salad.

Airport lunch: gluten free bagel w/nut butter and banana, fresh fruit & veg

No food in the fridge when I got home, so I grabbed a veggie salad at Chipotle. 

Carly and I celebrated Christmas last night. This was my vegetarian thali at Moghul Indian Cuisine

Addicted to roasted beets! I'm thankful I had time off today that allowed me to make these lovelies. 

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