Monday, November 18, 2013

In Other Words

I have been collecting links again for what I was calling “Couldn't Say it Better” but decided I liked the “In Other Words” title instead. If this is your first time here, this is where I share some links I’ve found that relate to my overall message of health and wellness.

Vegetarians Slimmer Than Meat-Eaters, Study Finds 
This article is really straightforward and discusses one of my favorite research projects: the Adventist Health studies.

The carbon foodprint of 5 diets compared
According to my handy Google dictionary, carbon footprint is defined as “the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc.” I became a vegetarian because I wanted to improve my health, but I gave up all animal products when I realized what a huge impact consuming animals has on the environment. This is a quick read and is very powerful.

6 Jedi Mind Tricks That Convince People To Eat Healthy
Summer Tomato is one of my favorite non-plant based sources of health, wellness, and nutrition information. I don’t always agree with all the content she posts, but I think she makes an effort to present clear and unbiased information as much as possible. I get a lot of requests from people for help losing weight or becoming more healthy (which I love), and I love the simple tricks presented in this article for that purpose.

Half Marathon Training: What I Wish I Knew When I First Started
I recently stumbled across the wellness blog written by one of my library colleagues. She is running a half marathon the weekend before me, and eats a primarily vegetarian diet. I love her blog’s design and short posts. This one has some great tips for (new) runners!

Vegan on the Road: How I've Eaten Healthier than Ever While Driving Across the Country
I've linked to No Meat Athlete before. I wrote a review of the new book. You know I love the site, so go check this great post on how to eat vegan on the road!

12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools
Mindfulness is a technique that has been subtly taking hold in my life. I’ve read about it in relation to food, relationships, spirituality, and learning. Again, if you’re a long time reader you know I love Zen Habits and this is another excellent post.

Public Agrees on Obesity’s Impact, Not Government’s Role
If you’re not familiar with Pew yet, you might want to explore their website. According to their about page “Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.” I use their data in my job as a librarian to learn about my users, to build presentations, to add to my own research, and to share with others working on their own research. This report discusses the obesity crisis our nation is facing. It’s clear that Americans are aware and concerned, but not sure how to make changes. Unfortunately, I think things like soda bans are bandaids that don’t address the real issues with our subsidized, highly processed food system. Still a good read!

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