Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tasteful Pantry

There are a lot of blogs that do regular giveaways, and Vegan Perks is a great place to find them. I enter them like a junkie and haven't won yet, but they are a good way to find out about new products and services. As a result of one of the contests I started following Tasteful Pantry on Facebook. I happened to catch this post on their wall last week:

I answered correctly (50% - crazy!) and won a box of Mary's Gone Crackers! I had tried their Herb Crackers before, and I have been trying to limit gluten in my diet so I was super excited to get the box. I guess I have low expectations, but I thought I'd get one box of crackers in the mail. This is what they sent:

As you can see that's 3 boxes of crackers, 3 boxes of cookies and two bags of pretzels! So far I've only tried the N'Oatmeal Raisin cookies and they are fantastic.

The coolest thing about Tasteful Pantry is that they order products individually or do a monthly treat box order. Most of the monthly box companies have one niche (vegan, gluten free, organic, "healthy", etc.). Tasteful Pantry lets you customize your box based on diet, so you can combine vegan and gluten free or gluten free and nut free.

Many thanks to Tasteful Pantry for this amazing gift!

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