Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

It's been a week, and I think I like the recap of food pictures rather than trying to capture an entire day's worth of food. Here's my best shots from the last week:

Lettuce wraps that I ate as a salad. The lettuce wrap filling was mushrooms, water chestnuts, and tofu. Carly wrapped hers in rice paper but I was too hungry to do all that work!

Amazing pinto bean chili with hatch chiles and homemade cornbread. Topped with avocado, of course.

What I like to call the smoothie factory. This is what the kitchen looks like every Sunday as I prep a week's worth of smoothies. This week was an Elvis (PB&banana), apple lime, apple berry, watermelon beet & a honeydew lime.

Lentil loaf from Oh She Glows, Carly's magical collard greens, roasted portabello and applesauce. 

Play on taco salad - greens topped with quinoa and sauteed veg (zucchini, chayote, onions, cabbage). Also, always, roasted plantains.

Last night I dropped Carly off at the airport for a business trip, so I prepped for some great meals for the rest of the week. Corn cut off the cob (so sweet and tasty raw!), spaghetti squash (now turned into noodles), and my raw noodle blend (zucchini, cabbage, onion, peppers, carrot and sweet potato). 


  1. I want your smoothie recipes as I need new ideas!! I tend to do just spinach or kale and throw in whatever fruit i have in the house but it gets boring.

    also, do you have a nice blender you recommend?

    1. I don't know if you saw my post from a few weeks ago on smoothies ( It has my basic recipe plus ideas to mix it up. I use this Ninja blender and love it:

      My fave ingredient is frozen broccoli - it adds good texture, is full of nutrients and some protein plus you can't really taste it!

    2. frozen broccoli, great idea! I do love beets in mine too. never used raw carrots but cooked ones left over. thanks!!