Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm safely in NY, writing from my Mom's computer. Traveling is certainly a challenge for living a healthy lifestyle! I was so focused on lunch at the airport that I didn't think much about breakfast. I never know what you'll be able to bring through security, and in hindsight I should have made my usual almond butter toast into a sandwich and brought it with me. Instead I chose to make the best of what was in the little section of airport near my gate (6AM is too early for exploring, especially when you've been up since 4:30!). That ended up being a plain bagel. No one had peanut butter. I only ate half because I also wanted to eat banana and didn't want to overload on carbs. I had some almonds too...not very satisfying. I usually keep a pretty regular eating schedule, and the whole t hing got shifted yesterday. That really threw me off!

I snacked on one Biscoff cookie on the plane and some more almonds. I got to the Detroit airport around 9:30AM and had 3 hours until my next flight. I was at the end of the C gates and realized from the map that all my best food choices were at the end of the A gates. I did a lot of walking in the airport yesterday! Detroit's A terminal is the second longest in the world, it's 1 mile from end to end. I walked that 1 mile plus about 1 more mile getting to and from A. I'm glad I was able to get some light exercise in. I treated myself to half a protein bar and a soy latte when I got to the A terminal while I scoped my food choices. I went with Asian because I knew I was low on protein and could get tofu.

I was able to sit and have a nice, slow, delicious sushi lunch with miso soup, 1  piece of tofu nigiri, and a veggie roll that had mushrooms, carrot, asparagus, avocado, lettuce & cucumber. It was a great bowl of miso and one of the best veggie rolls I've had. I was super happy (although not happy about having to eat lunch at 11:15AM!).

 When I got into Albany my parents picked me up. We tried to go to a vegan bakery I found online but it was closed. On the way back to the house I had a Lydia's Cacao Crunch bar...soooo good! I bought it from Spencer's Market and wish I'd bought more than one. We stopped by the grocery store before home so I could get some staples. My Mom was cute about the whole thing, she was very concerned about me getting vegan things and she asked me a lot of questions about food. I like sharing! I got the fixings to make BBQ tempeh with grilled veggies and salads (although my parents had steaks, it was my Dad's late birthday celebration).

BBQ tempeh dinner, yum!

When I got to the house I was exhausted but I knew I wanted to get in some type of exercise. My Dad's old bike was collecting dust in the shed so I pulled it out, inflated the tires, and took a 20 minute bike ride around our neighborhood. I estimate that I rode at least 4 miles. I wish I'd thought to use my Runtastic app to track it, I will if I ride again while I'm here. The ride inspired me to put more effort into finding bikes for Carly and I when I get home. I was going to swim after and my Dad got right in. I chose the lame method and tried to walk slowly down each step but the pool was so cold and in the shade! I did jump in but couldn't stay in and swim. I'm hoping to try swimming again tomorrow afternoon when the pool is in the sun.
Cheesing for the camera in my giant helmet while I try not to crash!

Today I wanted to do some strength training when I got up. I wish I could go to the gym but I had to settle for what I could do at the house. My Mom has 3lb dumbbells so I did some light arm exercises to warm up, then I tried a strength/cardio circuit workout I printed out from Women's Health. It took 8 minutes and was very leg focused, so I spent another 12 minutes doing 1 minute intervals of my favorite exercises from Jillian Michaels and Pilates. I was sweating and kept my heart rate up for 20 minutes, so I feel good about it. We're about to head to Saratoga for the day. We're going to walk around downtown for awhile, have lunch at a place I found with a special vegan menu, and then probably go to the casino since it's supposed to storm this afternoon. If it's not storming when we get home I might go for another bike ride!

Random food pic:
Monday night's dinner: vegan burger, sauteed cauliflower and side salads

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