Monday, August 20, 2012


I've stored up some good photos but lack the desire to write a legitimate post. I think I can manage captions though:

Friday night's random use up things dinner: romaine & spinach topped with a mix of wild & jasmine rice, sauteed vegetables and aloha tofu

Trip to Blowing Rock & Boone: vegan jalapeno yam soup at Coyote Grill in Boone...AMAZING

Our craft beers: Buster Nut Brown Ale & Weeping Willow Wit

Carly's tilapia tacos

My salad: greens, corn, peppers, pineapple, tempeh and FRIED PLANTAINS

Saturday night was a throwback night, we ate hibachi and watched American Reunion. I had hibachi veg not cooked in butter and miso soup

Sunday's lunch wrap. I can't ever keep my wraps intact!

Vegan jalapeno & scallion cornbread, yes, it is a good as it looks

Southern vegan dinner: cornbread, BBQ soy curls & greens (Swiss chard & spinach)

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