Friday, August 10, 2012


I've made a point in this blog to be honest, even when it makes me uncomfortable or I know it may make someone reading it uncomfortable. Life isn't always comfortable, so I suppose this makes sense. That being said, in this post I'm going to discuss my period. Anyone who feels weird about that can stop reading now!

I'm on birth control that allows me the joy of only having my period 4 times each year. I've always limited my physical activity during the week of my period (except in high school when sports teams dictated my activity schedule). I've been really good about exercising 5-6 times per week for awhile now, and I didn't want to break that pattern this week especially since I didn't work out like I wanted to in NY. I also knew I'd have to take yesterday off from exercise since I had to be at work from 7:30-6. Tuesday I went to the gym and did a short elliptical warm up followed by a really good, long strength session. Wednesday I really wanted to just go to the mountain. It's good cardio without having to run/simulate running on a machine. I drove to the mountain, got out of my car, and heard thunder followed by lightning in the distance.

I made the smart choice and got back in my car. I debated just going home, but knew I'd feel guilty later. I went to the gym and decided to try the treadmill again. I've used them in the past and never really felt comfortable on them. I was proud of myself for giving it another shot. I know it's important to do different activities for exercise so your body doesn't get used to any one thing. I started slow and read an ebook on my phone for my warm up. I kept steadily increasing both the incline and speed as I got more comfortable, but I never felt comfortable enough to let go with my hands! I got the machine up to its highest incline. I can tell that I hike a mountain once a week because it barely phased me. When I finished I didn't feel like I'd worked as hard as when I do the mountain or another cardio machine, but I was glad I did something and tried something different. I also felt weird for a few minutes after getting off, is that normal? I'm hoping today to get to the mountain but the forecast isn't promising. I brought both sets of sneakers, just in case I can get there!

We typically eat a lot of beans and Latin inspired dishes, and when I planned our menu this week I tried to avoid that to mix it up. This made me realize two things: I love beans, and although tofu is growing on me I don't want to eat it every day. Tuesday night we had salads. I made BBQ tempeh and sauteed squash (from our garden!!) and corn to go on top. It wasn't my best batch of tempeh. I just read a blog post that suggested steaming it first (the way you'd steam a vegetable) before you saute it with sauce. I'm definitely going to try that next time I make tempeh.
BBQ tempeh salad

Wednesday night we made Asian dishes. I had a tofu stir fry with no grains, and Carly made shrimp fried rice. For both of us I chopped onion, red cabbage, portabellas, broccoli, snow peas, scallions, and kimchi. We each made a double batch because we knew we'd be getting home at dinner time last night. Mine was excellent! When I first started trying to lose weight I made Asian stir fries at least twice a week. I think we got burned out on them then because we don't make them as much anymore, but I'm definitely going to keep them in the rotation.
I'm a good sous chef!

Tofu stir fry

Our free time has definitely been dominated by Olympics. I have mixed feelings about them being almost over. I'm sad that I have to wait four years but glad to not feel the pressure of watching them constantly so I don't miss anything! I love sports and get so inspired by watching people push through life's obstacles to achieve great things. I wish there was an adult rec sports league around here but I haven't been successful in finding one. I'd love to play basketball or soccer or even kickball once a week. Maybe in the future if we move to or closer to a city!

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