Monday, July 9, 2012

Blogging Catnap

I took the weekend off from blogging...sort of a blogging catnap. I needed to think about where I want to go with the blog, how I want to express myself, and how much of a commitment I want to make. I think my strength lies in more free-flowing verbose entries written when the mood strikes. I already use a lot of energy sticking to routines, and adding a forced daily blog entry isn't doing me or anyone reading any good.

This weekend was good. I'm learning how much more difficult it is to make food decisions when you stop eating dairy! I've been doing some online reading about eating a plant based diet and there are some articles I'd like to share. The first is a perspective from Mark Bittman (amazing chef & NY Times food columnist titled "Got Milk? You Don't Need It" about dairy consumption and his personal experience with giving up dairy. I love reading his columns no matter what the subject, but this one obviously struck a chord. I haven't had any dairy for 5 days and I feel like I have more energy and I can breathe out of my nose better than I have been able to in awhile.

For those of you worried about certain nutrients lacking in a plant based diet, I read another excellent blog post titled "How to Convince Anyone to Go Vegan". I know that to a degree I'm drinking the vegan kool aid right now, but I love this post for providing information on the concerns people have about vegan diets in a concise and easy to read way. I'm looking forward to reading more about people who've adopted a vegan lifestyle. I read a post that's an interview with Rich Roll, a vegan endurance athlete. I get so inspired reading about people who are achieving amazing things on a vegan diet.

I'm trying to start making more interesting vegan meals. Last night for dinner we made a millet & 3 bean casserole and made a "cheese" sauce with nutritional yeast. It came out really well, and I'm excited to use things like nutritional yeast, flax meal, and miso paste to create new dishes.

Millet Bean bake with "cheese" sauce

Saturday night we went out to dinner and used a Groupon that we'd had for awhile. That was definitely eye opening and Carly and I had a long conversation about how my new food choices are going to impact our life. I definitely had to do some customization to get the meal I wanted, but I think using the V word scares restaurants into compliance! We split a tomato hummus & black bean dip plate to start, and I had vegan nachos for dinner. It was good and I didn't feel hungry or lacking in any way.

Vegan nachos at Zada Jane's

Exercise has been going well. The break I took on Thursday was good for recovery. I took a leisurely hike on Friday after work and tried a new trail that spurs off my normal trail. It didn't have any significant elevation gain/loss so I didn't get as intense of a workout, but it was nice to see new sights. Saturday after our usual morning farmer's market/errands I did my favorite yoga/Pilates workout to get a good stretch. Yesterday morning I did my Sunday morning weightlifting at the gym and was pleased with how I felt on the machines and with the free weights. I switched nights at work this week so I had time for a run this morning. I haven't run in weeks and I haven't felt like it much either. It has been stupid hot here but I've lacked the motivation in the morning recently. I was worried I'd be slower than usual but I did my first mile in a good time and was able to sprint for about 5 minutes total, jog for about 7 minutes total, and walk for the rest.

I'm going to end with some more pics of the pretty food I ate this weekend!

Saturday leftovers lunch: focaccia, vegan chorizo w/edamame succotash, green tomatoes & carrots
Sunday leftovers lettuce wraps: each one had peppers, cucumber, carrots & vegan chorizo and each one had a different spread: tomato hummus, garlic hummus & black bean dip

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